About Already Home Animal Rescue
About Our Rescue Center

Saving Animals & Giving them a Forever Home

We Rescue Animals from Slaughter to Give Them a Home.

We envision a world where no animal raised for food endures abuse. Together, we’re changing the trajectory of industrial animal farming, one animal at a time.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Already Home Animal Rescue’s mission is to inspire compassion for animals, the earth and each other by offering a safe, welcoming space where people and farm animals come together to experience growth, healing and connection.

Our Animals

Wilbur McSquealy

Wilbur McSquealy

Wilbur McSquealy


Wilbur McSquealy


Wilbur McSquealy


Wilbur McSquealy


Wilbur McSquealy


Our Team

Kelly & Michael Silberman


Give Animals A Life They Deserve.

Most animals raised into human “care” spend their lives trapped in factory farms—where they suffer mutilations, confinement, and the denial of everything that makes their life worthwhile. Together we’re changing that.

Your gifts will give hurting animals a place to call home.